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Brown Presents Budget That Doesn’t Take Repeal, Replace Into Account

Gov. Jerry Brown says it's going to be a "rough ride" as he lays out his fiscal vision for the state.

Sacramento Bee: Jerry Brown Presents 2017-2018 California Budget Proposal
California Gov. Jerry Brown, warning about the double-barreled fiscal risk posed by Republican-controlled Washington and an impending economic downturn, presented a $177.1 billion proposed budget Tuesday that assumes the state will take in billions of dollars less than lawmakers previously estimated. But the Democratic governor refrained from laying out how the state might react if it loses federal funding, saying it’s premature to predict how the Trump administration will act on climate change, illegal immigration and health care. (Miller and Cadelago, 1/10)

Los Angeles Times: California Counties Will Get Stuck With A $622-Million Bill As The Governor Cancels A Healthcare Pilot Program 
County officials across the state on Tuesday criticized Gov. Jerry Brown's move to cancel a program that attempted to streamline health services for seniors and low-income families, a decision that will hit locals with a $622.6-million price tag beginning this summer. The plan, unveiled as part of Brown's state budget , seeks to cancel a 2012 program called the Coordinated Care Initiative. The effort allowed Medi-Cal, Medicare and the state's in-home support services to be offered through a single delivery system in hopes of reducing costs. (Myers, 1/10)

Mercury News: Gov. Jerry Brown’s Budget At A Glance 
The state would spend $154.6 billion for all human services — roughly the same amount it’s spending this year. California would spend about $800 million more to cover the loss of some federal funding for the projected 4.1 million people added to the Medi-Cal rolls since 2014 as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The budget does not take into account the possibility that Congress will repeal and replace Obamacare with a law that provides less federal funding. (1/10)

KPCC: Brown's Conservative Budget Calls For Build-Up Of Rainy Day Fund
As expected, Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a fiscally restrained state budget on Tuesday with a large rainy day fund, citing the uncertainties over local revenues and possible erosion of federal funding driven by a Republican-controlled White House and Congress. Brown and state lawmakers have pledged to defend California's liberal policies and programs in areas like immigration, healthcare and climate change that have drawn criticism from conservatives, many of whom are aiming to reduce federal funding and pare down taxes. (Oshiro and Plummer, 1/10)

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