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Chiropractic Board OKs Regulation Against Using Allergy Laser Therapy

Last week, California's Board of Chiropractic Examiners passed a regulation banning licensed chiropractors from using laser therapy for allergy treatments in an attempt to convince lawmakers to drop a bill (SB 352) with broader restrictions for chiropractors seeking to treat allergies, the Sacramento Bee reports.


Chiropractors across the country have claimed that laser therapy can be used to cure allergy symptoms. The method involves using a biofeedback machine to simulate and test reactions to 100,000 allergens.

However, critics say that there is no medical evidence to support claims that the procedure is effective.

The legislation, by Senate Minority Leader Robert Huff (R-Diamond Bar), would prohibit chiropractors from advertising and performing allergy treatments.

The board -- along with the California Chiropractic Association -- has criticized the bill as being too broad, saying it would ban chiropractors from using allergy treatments that should be considered legitimate.

Details of Board Regulation

The regulation passed by the chiropractic examiners board bans licensed chiropractors from using laser therapy for allergy treatments. The regulation essentially labels claims that laser therapy can cure allergies as false or misleading, according to the Bee. It will take effect in about two months.

Robert Puleo -- executive officer of the board -- said that he has not received complaints from patients about the use of laser therapies for allergies but that the board decided to pass the requirement to better align regulations with new technologies (Van Oot, Sacramento Bee, 5/5).

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