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Aid-In-Dying: Not So Easy

In June, California will become the fifth state to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with prescriptions from their doctors, but getting those prescriptions will require serious effort.

Large Business, Or Small? Under Obamacare, Maybe You’re Both

Obamacare challenges aren’t over for businesses. Starting in January, companies employing 50 to 100 workers face complicated and seemingly contradictory new rules that will affect what kind of insurance they offer and how much they and their workers will pay for it. Wouldn’t you know it, one rule defines them as large businesses and another […]

On Medicare? Time To Pay Attention

More than 5 million Californians get their health insurance from Medicare, the federal health insurance program for people 65 and over, and for people under 65 who have certain disabilities. There’s a lot going on with Medicare right now. Premiums will rise next year for about one-third of its Part B enrollees. (I’ll help you decipher […]