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Different Due Process For 2 Million On Medi-Cal

Ben Fallstead, 28, was diagnosed several years ago with babesiosis, a tick-borne disease that left him exhausted, wracked with fevers and chronic joint pain and unable to hold a job. After going through several antibiotics, his specialist prescribed one that brought him some relief. “I was just getting to the point where I felt semi-normal,” he […]

Choose Health Plan With More Than Pocketbook In Mind

If you’re not already in the midst of picking your health coverage for next year, you soon may be. If at all possible, please don’t base your decision solely on the cost of monthly premiums. Let’s say you have asthma. Out of 10 major Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) recently ranked in California, three received a […]

Pregnant And Uninsured? You Have Options.

Did you recently have or adopt a baby, get married, or move to California from another state? Perhaps you lost your job – and your health insurance with it. These are some of life’s common events that trigger special health insurance enrollment opportunities, which allow you to buy or switch plans outside of limited open […]

Extracting The Pain From Your Dental Plan

Brushing and flossing are key to your dental health. So is choosing the right dental coverage. While dental insurance doesn’t command the attention that medical insurance does, it also can have significant implications for your pocketbook. You know exactly what I mean if you have the most common type of health insurance (more on that […]

Don’t Accept Drug Prices Lying Down

If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve no doubt heard about the outrageous — and rapidly growing — prices of certain prescription medications. The average price of about one year of cancer-drug therapy has skyrocketed from $10,000 (or less) before 2000 to more than $100,000 by 2012, according to a recent Mayo Clinic study. The […]

How To Price Shop For Medical Treatment

Whether you get your health insurance from your employer, Covered California or the open market, more of you are picking — or being forced into — high-deductible plans. Although these plans come with relatively cheap premiums, you must spend thousands of dollars out of pocket before your coverage kicks in. In theory, you’ll be less […]

Obamacare Tax Already Affecting Worker Health Plans

For the millions of Californians with job-based health coverage, this one’s for you. And it’s a doozy. Starting in 2018, a hefty Obamacare excise tax — known informally as the “Cadillac tax” — will target high-cost health insurance plans offered by employers. Don’t be fooled by the 2018 start date. Some employers are taking steps […]

Go Beyond The Headlines For Rate Hike Reality

Some Californians got good news last week about the price of their health insurance. But as always, it pays to know the details. Covered California, the state health insurance exchange, announced that its premiums will rise by a weighted average of 4 percent next year. This year’s increase was 4.2 percent. Both were welcome surprises […]

Insured? Watch Out For Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Millions of Americans will continue receiving tax credits to help pay for their health insurance, thanks to the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare. But the ruling doesn’t address affordability, and that means millions of Americans also will continue their struggle to pay for health insurance costs. As I said in my previous column, […]

How Affordable Is The Affordable Care Act?

For many Californians, the Affordable Care Act isn’t. You’re not alone if you can’t afford your health insurance obligations, whether you’re struggling to pay your monthly premium or facing thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. “There are days when I can’t sleep, thinking ‘How am I going to do this?’” says Maria Chavez, a Whittier […]