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Mylan Could Benefit From New Push To Address Patient EpiPen Price Concerns

One solution to the EpiPen controversy, some advocates say, is classifying it as preventive care so consumers wouldn’t have to pay anything for the life-saving drug. But while the suggestions seems to favor consumers, a New York Times report finds Mylan is pulling the strings.

Law Would Limit Surprise Billing For Medical Care

The problem, known as balance billing, happens when patients are treated by an out-of-network professional at an in-network facility. Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign the legislation. In other news from Sacramento, regulators could learn lessons from Colorado if recreational marijuana use becomes legal in California.

EpiPen-Maker’s CEO To Face Congressional Fire At Hearing On Price Gouging

Chief Executive Heather Bresch will testify in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee next week. Meanwhile, senators will introduce a bill requiring drugmakers to give a 30-day notice and justification of any prescription drug price increase of more than 10 percent. And The Associated Press examines pharmaceutical discount cards.

Mylan Ranks No. 2 In Executive Pay Among Drug Companies, Far Outpacing Others Its Size

The top five managers took home almost $300 million over the past five years, The Wall Street Journal reports amid continuing questions about the manufacter’s EpiPen pricing. News outlets also report on an FDA warning to doctors about drug risks, the pros and cons of pharmaceutical ads and a drop in the cost of generics.