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EpiPen-Maker’s CEO To Face Congressional Fire At Hearing On Price Gouging

Chief Executive Heather Bresch will testify in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee next week. Meanwhile, senators will introduce a bill requiring drugmakers to give a 30-day notice and justification of any prescription drug price increase of more than 10 percent. And The Associated Press examines pharmaceutical discount cards.

Mylan Ranks No. 2 In Executive Pay Among Drug Companies, Far Outpacing Others Its Size

The top five managers took home almost $300 million over the past five years, The Wall Street Journal reports amid continuing questions about the manufacter’s EpiPen pricing. News outlets also report on an FDA warning to doctors about drug risks, the pros and cons of pharmaceutical ads and a drop in the cost of generics.

HHS Study: Medicaid Expansion Could Lead To Lower Premiums For Everyone

Department of Health and Human Services researchers compared counties across state borders and adjusted for several differences between them. Their calculations led them to conclude that expanding Medicaid helped produce to marketplace premiums that were 7 percent lower.

EpiPen’s Soaring Price Tag Leads To More Debate, Discussion Of U.S. Drug Costs

A Sonoma Country family feels the pinch of the high price of this emergency allergy medicine. Meanwhile, news outlets explore recent developments such as the response by Mylan, the company that markets the EpiPen, as well as positions being taken by lawmakers, parents, public figures and even Mylan’s CEO.