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Latest California Healthline Stories

New Tools To Stem Rising Prices

We asked stakeholders, researchers and consumer advocates to weigh in on new anti-inflationary tools such as payment limits for specific medical treatments and new rules for containing prescription drug spending.

How To Pay for Health for All?

We asked legislators and consumer advocates to weigh in on a proposal to offer subsidized health care coverage to California’s undocumented immigrants and to suggest ways the state could pay for it.

Should Palliative Care Be Reformed?

We asked stakeholders and legislators about proposals in Congress and the California Legislature seeking to change the way health care systems deal with palliative care.

Bills Offer Two Approaches to Hospital Observation Status

We asked stakeholders to assess the strengths and weaknesses of two bills in the California Legislature seeking to clarify the complex and financially significant issue of “observation status” in acute care hospitals.

Should California Strengthen School Immunization Rules?

We asked stakeholders how California legislators and policymakers should respond to two growing trends: the number of kindergartners starting school without standard vaccinations and an increase in communicable diseases like measles and whooping cough.

Predicting Future of Ratings in Health Care

We asked stakeholders and futurists to gaze into their crystal balls to predict how health care ratings might evolve beyond the growing but disjointed efforts of public and private groups issuing report cards on hospitals, physicians, insurers and other parts of the system.

Is California Ready for Telehealth Growth?

We asked stakeholders and experts if California is ready for rapid growth of telehealth technologies which researchers say will increase eightfold over the next five years in the U.S.