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Is California Ready for Telehealth Growth?

We asked stakeholders and experts if California is ready for rapid growth of telehealth technologies which researchers say will increase eightfold over the next five years in the U.S.

How To Get California Kids Physically Fit

We asked stakeholders and policymakers how the state could improve the physical fitness of California’s school children. Only one-third of fifth, seventh and ninth graders passed all six sections of the state’s annual physical fitness test last year.

How Can State Hasten Payment Reform?

California is ahead of the national payment reform curve, but even in the Golden State most reimbursement for care is still measured by volume, rather than quality. We asked stakeholders how California can move more quickly and efficiently to a value-based payment system.

How Should State Shape Care at Home?

We asked legislators and stakeholders how California can best shape state policy governing health care delivery in the home, a form of delivery expected to grow significantly in coming years.

Pros and Cons of Step Therapy

We asked stakeholders and consumer advocates to weigh in on a recurring debate in the California Legislature regarding regulating “step therapy,” a practice designed to minimize costs and risks of prescription drugs.

How Will ACOs Share Liability Risk?

We asked experts and stakeholders how policymakers and accountable care organization leaders should shape the working environment for ACOs, which may face new liability issues under health care reform.

Should Covered California Be Allowed To Keep Secrets?

We asked legislators and stakeholders to weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of keeping some data concealed in the workings of the state’s new health insurance exchange. A bill proposes to rewrite Covered California’s bylaws to provide more transparency.

How Do California Small Business Owners Feel About ACA?

In the wake of a Gallup poll showing that almost half of the country’s small business owners predict the Affordable Care Act will be bad for business, we asked stakeholders to assess the mood in California. The new state health exchange is scheduled to announce insurers and premiums for the “SHOP” small business exchange early next month.

Managing Medi-Cal With Enrollment Up, Spending Down

We asked legislators, state officials and consumer advocates how California should manage Medi-Cal with enrollment going up by millions next year and reimbursements going down perhaps by as much as 10%.