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A Bipartisan Health Law Can Exist, An ACA Architect Believes

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel spoke about the future of health care coverage at an event at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Meanwhile, health leaders in the Bay Area are starting to think through the complications of what to do if repeal and replace is successful.

Republicans Set Stage For Repeal Despite Democrats’ Vocal Disapproval

In an unusual move, Senate Democrats spoke out against repeal while casting their votes. But the budget resolution, laying the groundwork for gutting the health law, passed mostly along party lines. The House is expected to vote on the measure on Friday. Meanwhile, Donald Trump says his team will release its own plan once the HHS secretary is confirmed.

Trump Insists On Quick Replace Vote: ‘Long To Me Would Be Weeks’

To meet that timetable would be nearly impossible for lawmakers who took years to pass the health law in the first place, and have no detailed plan as of yet for replacement. Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan promises GOP will work on repeal and replace “concurrently.”