Angela Hart

Another Coronavirus Casualty: California’s Budget

Before the coronavirus hit, California was looking at a budget surplus of more than $5 billion and lawmakers were debating how to increase the size of government health programs. Now, the state faces a deficit, program cuts, high unemployment — and no significant investment in public health funding at a time when the state needs it the most.

Testing In California Still A Frustrating Patchwork Of Haves And Have-Nots

It’s hard to overstate how uneven access to critical coronavirus test kits remains in the nation’s largest state. Even as some Southern California counties are opening drive-thru sites to make testing available to any resident who wants it, a rural northern county is testing raw sewage to determine whether the coronavirus has infiltrated its communities.

California y COVID-19: hospitales se alistan para la crisis con acciones probadas y desesperadas

Los hospitales de California pensaron que estaban listos para el próximo gran desastre. Han modernizado sus edificios para resistir un gran terremoto y poner a los pacientes fuera de peligro durante los mortales incendios forestales. Han mantenido vivos a los pacientes con generadores de respaldo en medio de apagones y han entrenado a su personal […]