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CEO Pay Per Enrollee At Nonprofit Medicaid Plans In California

Medicaid enrollment has soared to 74 million Americans, from 58 million before the Affordable Care Act. About 75 percent of the enrollees are assigned to managed-care plans, which receive a flat monthly fee per person to provide care.

This chart shows the compensation of chief executives at five nonprofit Medicaid plans in California. It also shows 2016 enrollment numbers for these plans and compares how much each CEO is paid per enrollee. Among these five major health plans, CEO Norma Diaz of Community Health Group in San Diego County tops the list, earning $2.13 per enrollee.

Managed-care contracts can be highly lucrative for the companies involved and their executives.

Last year, federal auditors examined the compensation of the 133 top paid executives at managed-care organizations in seven states, focusing on health plans that get more than half of their revenue from Medicaid.

In 2015, the top executives earned $314,278, on average — more than double what state Medicaid directors earned, according to the report. Auditors didn’t find major differences in pay between for-profit and nonprofit Medicaid plans.

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