Anthony Wilson

Has the ACA Made Community Health Centers Unnecessary?

Many people view community health centers as a key source of health care for uninsured U.S. residents. With the expansion of health insurance and efforts to increase the number of primary care providers via the Affordable Care Act, are CHCs still needed?

The Affordable Care Act’s Two Futures

Many observers believe the Affordable Care Act is on steadier footing, now that it’s survived two Supreme Court challenges. So what does the future hold for the law? How will it change? And what will it take for the law to be repealed?

If Not IPAB, Then What?

There’s bipartisan support for legislation that would eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, meaning that one of the few ways to limit Medicare spending growth could soon be gone. What other tools could control Medicare spending?

Is Expanded Medicaid Coverage Even Worth It?

Republicans in recent weeks have shifted their arguments against the Affordable Care Act, alleging that the Medicaid coverage is like not having coverage at all. Are the millions of people who have enrolled under the law’s Medicaid expansion getting inferior coverage?

How the ACA Changed Taxes

One of the most-publicized tax effects of the Affordable Care Act involves subsidies that many U.S. residents received to help them purchase insurance. But that’s not the only change: Tucked within the thousands of pages that make up the ACA are a number of other tax implications.

The Quiet Threats to Obamacare

The Supreme Court case King v. Burwell has drawn a lot of attention because of its potential to hobble the Affordable Care Act. Even if the law survives the high court challenge, there are a number of other, less-obvious challenges facing Obamacare.

Examining the Questions Surrounding King v. Burwell

The question at the heart of King v. Burwell — can people who purchase health coverage through the federal exchange receive subsidies? — is fairly simple. But how the Supreme Court decides to answer that very question could cause a ripple effect.

What a GOP-Controlled Congress Could Mean for the Affordable Care Act

Most analysts predict that Republicans will take control of the Senate in the upcoming midterm election. If the GOP is the majority in both chambers of Congress, how will party members address their proverbial punching bag, the Affordable Care Act? California Healthline spoke to several experts to find out.