Matthew Wayt

Obamacare Mandates: Why the Fairness Debate Doesn’t Matter

In a “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” interview, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius found herself unable to rebuff the host’s frequent questions about whether it is fair to delay the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate but not its individual mandate. Health experts have weighed in, but is such a debate necessary at this point?

It’s More Than an Emergency: Calif. Among States Seeking To Expand EMS Care

A trend of expanding Emergency Medical Services workers’ responsibilities is catching on across the U.S., as state officials look for ways to supplement Obamacare with smaller scale efforts to close care gaps and reduce spending. California is hoping to launch several of these programs by next summer, though there are barriers to entry.

Obamacare Obstacle: Consumers’ Confusion When Picking a Plan

Recent surveys show that many U.S. residents are confused about health insurance terms, which could make things tricky when purchasing coverage through the insurance exchanges. Several efforts are underway to clarify the process and direct individuals to policies that fit their medical — and financial — needs.

The Many Ways To Sell Obamacare

Eva Longoria, Jay-Z and Beyoncé might not seem like logical Affordable Care Act spokespeople. But the White House hopes to tap such celebrities and professional athletes to promote the law.