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Bridget Duffy of ExperiaHealth Discusses How Empowering Patients Can Help Improve Care

In a conversation with California Healthline, Bridget Duffy — CEO of ExperiaHealth, a company focused on improving patient experience — discussed the benefits of putting patients at the center of efforts to improve the health care system.

According to Duffy, one way to empower patients is through health navigators, who help guide patients through the health care system, coordinate care and provide support to prevent readmissions to the hospital.

Health care providers seeking to become more patient-centered also should focus on “mapping the gaps in the human experience,” Duffy said.

She added that safety-net health care organizations face unique challenges in empowering patients. However, Duffy noted that such organizations have an opportunity to create demonstration projects and serve as a national model on how to focus on patient experience for the underserved (California Healthline, 5/25).

The complete transcript of this report is available as a PDF.

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