California Expands Drug Rehab Treatment For Low-Income Residents

Breann Johnson came to MFI Recovery’s women’s rehabilitation center just after Mother’s Day. Johnson, whose 90-day stay is being paid for by Medi-Cal, says she fears what would have happened if she couldn’t get inpatient care for her heroin addiction. “I would either be on the streets or dead,” she says. (Anna Gorman/KHN)

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California recently started a five-year pilot project that broadens treatment options for Medi-Cal recipients who are addicted to drugs. The new program expands access to residential care, case managers, individual counseling, anti-addiction medications and other services.

State officials believe the project will save money over time, because people with substance abuse problems will get ongoing care for their addictions and will be less likely to end up in emergency rooms or hospitals. Several counties have rolled out the new services and dozens more are expected to do so.

Anna Gorman talked about the drug rehab program on Thursday with A Martinez on KPCC radio’s Take Two.

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