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Farewell To theWeekly, Hello Daily Capitol Desk

California Healthline’s Friday feature, theWeekly, has evolved to become Capitol Desk.

Where theWeekly provided a rundown of the week’s legislative news and an update on individual, health-related bills making their way through the political process, this page aims to provide a daily report from Sacramento. Since things change so quickly in the halls of power, I will be posting items here in a notebook format, everything from the news of the day to examinations of health policy issues that fall below the radar of most other media.

There is already plenty of health policy news to follow, but there will soon be even more as California begins to implement federal health reform. I hope to give a strong sense of what’s going on in the daily world of political wrangling over key issues while adding context and explanation to help make sense of it all.

We welcome your feedback on how we can make this new, daily feature work for you. The Capitol Desk home page has some items I’ve compiled over the past week. Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think, either by posting a comment on the site or sending an email. (My address is posted in the About box to the right). Your tips, suggestions, and criticisms will help us make Capitol Desk a valuable resource in understanding what’s happening in Sacramento.

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