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Haiku Winner Unmasked! From Gobs Of Frightening Entries, One Rises Above

A big thanks to our readers! The number of Halloween haiku submissions ⁠— more than 70 ⁠— in Kaiser Health News’ first annual Halloween Haiku Contest gave us chills. And, based on a review by our expert panel of judges, here’s the winner and a sampling of finalists. They range from eerie and haunting to downright spooky. Also, keep an eye on KHN’s social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) for more of our favorites. Enjoy!


Drug prices rise up Like a witch on a broom stick Cannot pay? So die.

-Sarah Collins (@Scollins013)


Inspiration: In Pricing Plan, House Dems Bump Up Minimum Number Of Drugs To Be Negotiated In Effort To Woo Progressives


The Grim Reaper Stalks The ACA in Peril Supreme Confidence?

-Bobby Peterson (@ABCforHEALTH)


Inspiration: A Decision On The Future Of The Health Law Is Poised To Drop Soon. This Is What’s On The Line.

Side effects include limb loss, freckles and boils Smiling skull holds pill

-Mary Beth Foglia


Inspiration: Common Medications Can Masquerade As Dementia In Seniors

Rationing of meds Choosing – food or insulin? Frightening option.

Jennifer Barnes


Inspiration: Moved Overseas For School, Stayed For Insulin

“Trick or treat” they cry Your life or your life savings: The price is too high.

-Emma Eisenberg 


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