Health Care Providers From Other Countries Face Hurdles Getting Licensed in United States

In a California Healthline Special Report by Deirdre Kennedy, immigration and medical experts discussed challenges facing thousands of physicians, nurses and allied health care professionals from other nations as they go through the credentialing process in the U.S.

In many cases, the health care professionals work in non-health care jobs in the U.S. because of obstacles in the licensing process. 

The Special Report includes comments from:

  • Jeanne Batalova, a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute and manager of the MPI Data Hub;
  • John Cordova, program coordinator for immigrant aid organization Welcome Back;
  • Jose Pena, founder and director of Welcome Back; and
  • Kevin Schunke, licensing outreach manager for the California Medical Board.

Batalova said, “We found that many college-educated immigrants — more than 1.3 million –  can’t find work that is consistent with their qualifications and end up working as maids and taxi drivers and parking lot attendants, other low-skilled and low-paid jobs” (Kennedy, California Healthline, 12/5).

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