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Health Focus at Senior Legislative Hearings

Health care was one of the prime concerns when the California Senior Senate and Senior Assembly met on Wednesday in the Capitol.

On the docket, for instance, was SP1 (Senate Proposal 1).

“This bill clarifies for counties that some funds from the Mental Health Services Act, which are extremely ample these days because of the rising economy, are authorized for Alzheimer’s education programs,” said Allan Bortel, a senior senator representing Marin County.

“Programs such as the Mediterranean diet, exercise, brain exercises and other ways we have of preventing, or avoiding altogether, this horrible disease,” Bortel said.

The Senior Legislature will meet for four days, working out a legislative agenda. At the end of the four-day session, the all-volunteer group of 40 Senators and 80 Assembly members will release its top 10 state proposals, as well as four top federal proposals.

According to Senior Legislature officials, about 80% of the suggestions in the senior agenda are passed by the California Legislature every year.

Art Serrin of San Diego introduced SP15, which would shift about $600 million in funding within the CalVet loan fund.

“This proposal concerns our California veterans. [The funds] will be reallocated to provide apartment rental housing assistance for California veterans,” he said. “This is vitally important for our homeless population, which includes seniors. … It’s a vital thing for our elderly veterans, to get them placed in adequate and safe housing.”

That bill was one of about 70 bills on the docket for this year’s session.

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