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Little Hoover Commission Considers Ways To Optimize California’s Long-Term Care Services

A Sacramento-based think tank called the Little Hoover Commission is developing recommendations on how the state could improve long-term care services during a time of economic downturn.

Earlier this summer, the commission toured San Francisco’s On Lok Senior Health Services, which has implemented a long-term care model called the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE.

In a California Healthline Special Report by Pat McConahay, experts discussed strategies for improving California’s long-term care services.

The Special Report includes comments from:

  • Stuart Drown, executive director of the Little Hoover Commission;
  • Eileen Kunz, director for policy and government relations at On Lok PACE Partners;
  • Stephen Moses, president of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform; and
  • Gary Passmore, board member for the Congress of California Seniors.

The Little Hoover Commission is expected to release its long-term care recommendations in about one year (McConahay, California Healthline, 9/9).

The complete transcript of this Special Report is available as a PDF.

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