New Bill Plays Hardball With Soft Drinks
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New Bill Plays Hardball With Soft Drinks

In a California Healthline report by Kenny Goldberg, experts discussed the proposal to put a label on sugary drinks that would warn consumers of the link between sugared drinks and the health conditions of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. More than one-third of California children are overweight or obese, and advocates say soda and other sugary drinks have a lot to do with that. One of the concerns, though, is that many factors contribute to the rise in obesity and diabetes and that singling out the soda industry may be short-sighted.

The report includes comments from:

  • Harold Goldstein, executive director of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, based in Berkeley;
  • Cheryl Moder, director of the San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative;
  • Roger Salazar, spokesman for CalBev trade group; and
  • Laura Schmidt, lead investigator for the UCSF Sugar Science Initiative (Goldberg, California Healthline, 03/04/15).

You can download a PDF of this report.

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