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Physicians’ Move to ‘Concierge Medicine’ Raises Concerns About Access to Health Care Services

Groups that help physicians establish “concierge medicine” practices say more and more doctors are making the move to this kind of practice in which a limited number of patients pay an annual fee for access to a physician.

A California Healthline Special Report by Mina Kim includes comments from:

  • Thomas LaGrelius, board chair and former president of the Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design and a physician with a concierge practice;
  • Mai-Phuong Nguyen, a Napa internist who is maintaining a traditional practice;
  • Paul Sweigert, a Napa internist who is converting to a concierge practice; and
  • Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access California.

Physicians’ migration to concierge practices has raised concerns among health care advocates and other doctors about whether it will compromise lower-income patients’ access to care (Kim, California Healthline, 6/10).

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