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Promises, Challenges of Health Reform in California

Some are thrilled. Some are worried. Some say health reform doesn’t go far enough. Some say it goes too far.

There is no shortage of diverse opinions about health care reform, but there’s one area of general agreement: Health care reform will change things for nearly everyone in the country, particularly for those involved in the everyday workings of health care.

Because many provisions of the new national law will be carried out differently in different states, stakeholders and policy makers in each state will play a key part in how the law is put into action.

We asked a few broad-stroke questions of California stakeholders in an attempt to get a sense of how health care reform might unfold here. The questions:

  • What part of the health reform package holds the greatest promise for success?
  • What unintended consequences are possible?
  • How will we know when we’re succeeding? Is there one set of data or one indicator that rises above others in importance?
  • Who’s still left out?
  • What remains to be done?

We got responses from:

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