Staggered Summer Recess Deadlines Are Unlikely To Affect Health Care Policymaking

The Assembly currently is on summer recess, but the Senate is still meeting this week. And the week before the Senate comes back to work Aug. 12, the Assembly will be meeting.

Confused yet?

The two legislative houses have staggered their summer recess schedule, with the Assembly members leaving the Capitol on July 3 and returning Aug. 5, while the Senate adjourns on July 12 and returns Aug. 12.

That means each house has a week of committee hearings while members from the other house aren’t there.

That oddity of scheduling won’t mean much to health care lawmakers, though, since no meetings are scheduled in those two weeks for the Human Services or Health committees.

There are two ways to look at the odd break: Either lawmakers have an extra week to work on legislation; or they essentially have an extra week off, as there are few committee hearings scheduled for anything during those two separate weeks.

According to Assembly Speaker John Pérez (D-Los Angeles, it will be business as usual during the two weeks where houses meet independently of each other.

“During July 8 through July 12, likely the Senate will continue committee hearings on Assembly bills,” Pérez said, “and members of staff should plan accordingly.”

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