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Suzanne Delbanco of Catalyst for Payment Reform Discusses Ideas on Paying for Care

In a conversation with California Healthline, Suzanne Delbanco — executive director of Catalyst for Payment Reform — discussed strategies for transforming health care payment models in the U.S.

Delbanco outlined different ways of changing payment structures, including:

  • Linking payments to health care provider performance;
  • Removing incentives for delivering excess or redundant medical services; and
  • Setting reference prices for particular types of services.

Delbanco said the goal of CPR is to “jump start a movement toward changing the way we pay for health care in the United States, so that a greater proportion of payment is either tied to performance somehow or is actually designed to cut waste out of the system.” (California Healthline, 3/23).

The complete transcript of this report is available as a PDF.

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