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Watch And Listen: The ACA In Limbo Again

A decision this week from a federal appeals court in New Orleans has cast doubt again on the future of the Affordable Care Act. The court agreed with a district court judge that the law’s provision requiring people to have coverage ― called the individual mandate ― is unconstitutional now that Congress has repealed the penalty. The appeals court judges, however, sent the case back to the district judge to determine what other provisions of the law are now not valid.

Julie Rovner, chief Washington correspondent for Kaiser Health News, discusses the developments with William Brangham on PBS NewsHour on Thursday, reviewing the wide array of health initiatives that could be affected if the entire ACA is struck down and looking at the strategy for ACA advocates.

Also, Rovner spoke with Jeremy Hobson on NPR’s “Here & Now” Thursday about the case. At risk are 20 million people who got health care coverage through the ACA and another 50 million who have preexisting conditions. The ACA requires insurers to offer coverage to people with medical problems.

Rovner also answered consumers’ questions Friday on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.”

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