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Turning Campaign Rhetoric Into Reality: Dems Ran On Health Care, But Do They Really Have Power To Protect ACA?

Republicans still maintain control of the Senate and the White House, so Democrats’ election-season promises to shore up the health law may not be quite as easy to fulfill as promised. Meanwhile, sign-ups on the exchanges continues to drag from last year’s numbers, but the CMS numbers don’t include enrollment in states that operate their own exchanges, nor do they include those who will be automatically enrolled in plans during the last week of open enrollment.

Democrats’ House Win Is Likely End For Republicans’ Years-Long ‘Repeal And Replace’ Battle

“I think it is very obvious that a Democratic House is not going to be interested in” changes to the health law, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. The battle over health care will likely shift toward “Medicare for all,” a plan touted by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, 26 percent of voters said health care was the most important issue for them in deciding their vote, and three out of four voters who listed health care as their top issue voted for Democrats.