Cara Anthony

Lost on the Frontline

“Lost on the Frontline” is an ongoing project by Kaiser Health News and The Guardian that aims to document the lives of health care workers in the U.S. who died from COVID 19, and to investigate why so many are victims of the disease.

Searching For Safety: Where Children Hide When Gunfire Is All Too Common

The overall crime rate has dropped during the pandemic, but unfortunately gun violence has not. In St. Louis, at least 11 children have been killed by gunfire so far this year. Living in neighborhoods with frequent violence has forced some families to improvise ways to keep their children safe, even in the place they are supposed to be most secure: their home. The stress of growing up in these conditions could lead to chronic health problems into adulthood.

Más de 5,000 centros de cirugía serán hospitales improvisados durante la crisis de COVID-19

La administración Trump aprobó la inmediata utilización de los centros de cirugía ambulatoria, clínicas de rehabilitación, hoteles e incluso de los dormitorios universitarios como hospitales improvisados, centros de atención médica o sitios de cuarentena durante la crisis del coronavirus. Los Centros de Servicios de Medicare y Medicaid (CMS) anunciaron la exención temporal del cumplimiento de […]

The Nation’s 5,000 Outpatient Surgery Centers Could Help With The COVID-19 Overflow

A coalition of anesthesiologists wants to repurpose the country’s more than 5,000 surgery centers to serve as emergency overflow amid the coronavirus pandemic. The centers have trained medical staff largely sitting idle, anesthesia machines that could be turned into ventilators, and empty medical space. But obstacles such as federal payment rules, logistics and some skepticism are getting in the way.