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Budget Health Care Bartering Brewing

Gov. Brown proposed no major cuts to health care in this year’s budget, but there’s not much in the way of program restoration either, setting the stage for bargaining in Sacramento.

Health Care Battles Focus on What’s Left Out of Budget, Not What’s in It

California’s fiscal year 2014-2015 budget includes small steps toward restoring large health care cuts made during the recession, but most of the big-ticket items are still on the shelf, stirring anger among advocates and legislators.

How Budget Cuts Hit the Health System

Several health care budget decisions will be made this week in Sacramento, including Medi-Cal provider rates, home health care worker overtime and mental health program funding. One legislator breaks down how those decisions might have long-term effects. 

Questions Raised Over Medi-Cal Estimates

Legislative analysts and consumer advocates raised questions at a budget subcommittee hearing this week over the state’s estimates of the number of new Medi-Cal enrollees and how much they might cost the state.