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Coalitions Form To Get Slice of Budget

A $10 million TV advertising campaign is part of new efforts to put pressure on the governor and lawmakers to make more room in the budget for health care programs — particularly children’s health.

Budget Proposal ‘A Good Starting Point’

The chair of the Assembly budget committee called Gov. Brown’s proposed budget a good starting point but “by no means the end of the conversation” in the Legislature’s first budget hearing of the year.

Children’s Dental Advocates Circle Wagons After Budget Snub

Dental and children’s health advocates are taking their arguments to the Legislature after the governor included no new money for dental programs in his proposed budget. Funding for such programs was excluded from the budget despite a state audit last month criticizing California’s dental program for kids.

Budget Health Care Bartering Brewing

Gov. Brown proposed no major cuts to health care in this year’s budget, but there’s not much in the way of program restoration either, setting the stage for bargaining in Sacramento.

Health Care Battles Focus on What’s Left Out of Budget, Not What’s in It

California’s fiscal year 2014-2015 budget includes small steps toward restoring large health care cuts made during the recession, but most of the big-ticket items are still on the shelf, stirring anger among advocates and legislators.