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Tobacco Bills Headed for Senate Floor

A half dozen tobacco bills — including legislation to regulate electronic cigarettes and raise the legal smoking age to 21 — passed the state Senate appropriations committee and are headed for a floor vote.

What’s Behind the Committee Door?

In the scrum of Sacramento politics and influence, some controversial bills are buried into the ground at the committee level. But recently, in a neat political power play, a few given-up-for-dead anti-tobacco bills pulled a little end-around.

Legislation To Regulate E-Cigarettes Is Facing Stiff Resistance in California

Stefan Didak of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, Tim Gibbs of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, UC-San Francisco professor Stanton Glantz, state Sen. Mark Leno and Zach Shpizner, a vape shop worker in San Mateo, spoke with California Healthline about proposed legislation to regulate electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product and ban vaping in public places.