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UCLA Study Authors Urge Greater Awareness of Older Californians Falling

As rates of falls among adults ages 65 and older continue to rise, UCLA researchers and other experts say better education and prevention can substantially reduce injuries, deaths and their effects on California’s health care system. 

New Los Angeles Program Working To Divert Mentally Ill, Homeless From Jail

Replicating a model already delivering impressive results in other metropolitan areas, Los Angeles County has implemented an innovative, cost-cutting jail diversion and alternate sentencing program for the chronically homeless and seriously mentally ill.

Costs of Diabetes Epidemic High in Los Angeles Homes, Hospitals

With rising diabetes rates in Los Angeles County resulting in increased hospitalization costs and decreased health of residents, health care providers and advocates are focusing on prevention and screening at home and in the community.

L.A. County’s Remaining Uninsured Bound for a Medical Home

With more than one million Los Angeles County residents still lacking health insurance, a new iteration of the Healthy Way L.A. program launches in September to provide coverage for those left out of health reform changes.

Los Angeles Joins Energy Drinks Debate

Los Angeles has formally waded into the debate over regulating energy drinks with a proposal from a city council member. The proposal asks the city to take a more active role in monitoring the beverages, which deliver a quick boost but may cause medical problems.

Los Angeles, Orange Counties Grapple With Shortage of Nursing Instructors

Attracting faculty at nursing schools is a challenge for some schools in Southern California, according to stakeholders. With nursing faculty members in short supply, experts worry that the number of new nurses will not be enough to meet growing demand.

L.A. County Officials Predict Substance Misuse Care Will Expand Under ACA

When Affordable Care Act floodgates officially open Jan. 1, Los Angeles County officials predict expanded access to substance misuse treatment services will help curb an expensive and growing problem in Southern California.

Green House Grows New Model of Care

Supporters of the Green House Project — the first California outpost of which is about to open near Los Angeles — want to reinvent the traditional nursing home model, focusing on innovation, personal relationships and dignity.

Reform May Improve Access to Pediatric Specialties

Pediatric subspecialists in Los Angeles County say health care reform presents a perfect opportunity to rethink and improve the way the health system cares for children with complex, chronic and rare health conditions.