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School-Based Wellness Centers Making the Grade in Los Angeles

Los Angeles County expects to have 14 wellness centers operating in public schools by 2014. Planned before the Affordable Care Act was enacted, L.A.’s school-based clinics dovetail with reforms in the law and go further by teaming with community providers who work with students and their families.

New Plan’s Holistic Approach to Mental Illness in Los Angeles

A new plan to provide mental health and medical coverage in Los Angeles County is taking a holistic approach to dealing with the common “tri-morbidity” — medical problems, mental illness and addiction.

Health for Sale as Retail Clinics Expand in California

The retail clinic sector is experiencing healthy growth in Los Angeles and could grow throughout the state as health care reform comes into play, according to a new study from the RAND Corporation.

Paramedics Could Lighten L.A. County’s EMS Load

Proponents of expanded roles for emergency medical personnel say a goldmine of untapped health care resources in Los Angeles County is ripe for mining. Changes brought on by health care reform could make the transition smoother.

Funding Ending for Model Oral Health Plan for L.A. Kids

Funding expires this summer for a low-income children’s dental program in Los Angeles that has become a model for preventive oral health care. The program takes aim at the most common chronic pediatric disease — tooth decay — that affects overall health.

HITEC-LA Bridges Gap Between Physicians, Technology

The health information technology wave is coming, but not every health care provider is eager to ride it, despite abundant financial incentives. HITEC-LA, a regional extension center in Los Angeles, is nearing the end of its federal grant work but intends to continue coaxing providers onto the wave.

L.A. Senior Advocates Stand Up to Budget Cuts

Advocates for senior health programs in Los Angeles are working on remedies to situations many thought couldn’t get any worse — until now. The governor’s proposed budget prescribes more cuts for state-supported programs for low-income, vulnerable elderly residents.

Ruling Raises Questions for Mental Health Coverage

An appellate court ruling in favor of a Blue Shield of California policyholder with anorexia could change how health insurers cover mental illness. However, health plans and advocates are divided on the ruling’s effects.

Medicaid Waiver Good News for L.A.’s Homeless

Strategies to provide health care to the homeless could shift as California prepares its Medicaid program and safety-net providers for reform-driven expansion in 2014. The state’s Bridge to Reform Medicaid waiver could help pave the way in Los Angeles County, which is “home” to almost one-third of the state’s homeless population.

Use of Urgent Care Growing in Southern California

Patients in Los Angeles and Orange counties avoid long waits for emergency department treatment or an appointment with their primary care physician when they opt for urgent care.