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Rates Of Injuries Related To Falls Surging As Baby Boomers Age

“Older adults do not really want to hear they’re at risk,” says Wendi Skala, a trauma injury prevention coordinator. “They want to be viewed as aging gracefully, going to the gym or riding their bike on the American River Trail.”

Free Screenings For Alzheimer’s To Be Offered For San Diego Residents

“This is not a diagnosis, but a screening which might indicate that people should go see their physician,” one of the organizers says. Meanwhile, KHN reports on how PACE, a little-known Medicare program that helps keep older people in their own homes, is allowing for-profit companies in.

The Silence Of Elder Abuse

Modesto police are investigating 30 cases of elder abuse just this year — but one of the hardest parts about prosecuting and curbing it is that the victims are often too embarrassed or scared to to speak up.