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Kavanaugh Took Swipe At Administration Just Days Before Nomination With Ruling On Medicare Payments

The hospitals that brought the suit said Medicare had been using the flawed data since 1983. The federal government tried to bar their claims, saying hospitals should not be able to challenge factual determinations made many years ago. “Saving money is a laudable goal,” Judge Brett Kavanaugh said, “but not one that may be pursued by using phony facts to shift costs onto the backs of hospitals.”

House Republicans’ Budget Plan Would Put Medicare In The Cross Hairs

While its not clear the measure would actually get to the floor before the midterm elections, the House Budget Committee’s blueprint shows where Republicans’ priorities lie in the coming years. The budget plan would remake Medicare by giving seniors the option of enrolling in private plans that compete with the traditional program.

Trump Takes Aim At Medicare, Medicaid In $4.4 Trillion Budget Proposal

From gutting safety net programs to funding the opioid epidemic battle, President Donald Trump’s budget includes a host of health issues. The proposed cuts released Monday are unlikely to come to pass, as Congress controls the purse strings, but the plan is a good blueprint of the administration’s priorities.