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Focus On ACA Or Go All In For ‘Medicare For All’? Democrats Divided Over Path To Take On Health Care

For the first election in years, Democrats see health care as a winning issue — one to go on the offense over instead of defending their votes. But they party’s candidates lack coherency in their approach. Some push a “Medicare for All” plan while others think shoring up the health law should take priority. Meanwhile The Washington Post Fact Checker looks at ads targeting Democrats over “Medicare for All.”

Azar Touts Trump’s ‘Decisive Action’ On Health Law, But Experts Say It’s States’ Work That’s Stabilizing Marketplace

The marketplace is getting stronger and next year’s premiums are not expected to be as shockingly high as previous years. While HHS Secretary Alex Azar credits that success to President Donald Trump’s policies, other experts say that it’s because states’ insurance departments have been working to blunt the attacks to the law. Meanwhile, Azar took a swing at Democrats’ “Medicare for All” plan, saying it’s too good to be true.

Democrats Hammer Health Care Message As Republicans Focus On Discord Over ‘Medicare For All’

Even Democratic candidates on the campaign trail in traditionally deep red states are using the threat to the health law’s preexisting conditions in ways that would have been unthinkable a few years ago, while Republicans target progressives’ support of universal health care. Meanwhile, The New York Times fact checks President Donald Trump’s promises to protect preexisting conditions coverage.

Republicans Shy Away From ACA Messaging In Campaign Ads As Dems Focus On Preexisting Conditions Protections

Health care is a hot topic during the final stretch before the midterm elections. In a shift from years past, Democrats are trying to use the health law as a weapon against Republicans. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, is promising to protect Medicare — just like he did when campaigning for 2016. But this time around he has a record showing that he supports cuts to Medicare and other safety net programs.