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‘Somebody Needs To Fix It’: As Each Party Locks In Health Care Rhetoric, Many Voters Just Want A Solution

“It’s crippling people. It’s crippling me,” Pennsylvania voter Kaci Rickert says of health care costs. The topic has taken center stage in the weeks before the midterm elections, as Democrats focus on Republicans’ threat to popular health law provisions, such as preexisting conditions protections, while Republicans go after progressives’ “Medicare For All” plan.

Senate Democrats Fail To Block Short-Term Plans, But They Force Republicans To Cast Politically Dangerous Vote

Democrats have seized on Republicans’ attacks on the health law — mostly focusing on preexisting conditions — as a winning strategy in the upcoming midterms. On Wednesday, senators forced a vote on blocking President Donald Trump’s short-term plan expansion, though no one really expected the measure to be approved. Still, the move put Republicans on the record as voting to uphold plans that don’t include health law protections just weeks before the 2018 elections.

Nearly Half Of Democrats’ 2018 Ads Mention Health Care, While GOP Candidates Shy Away. Either Way, Many Don’t Name The ‘ACA.’

An analysis of campaign ads for the upcoming midterms reflects polls that find that the percentage of Americans who hold favorable views of the law has surpassed the share opposing it — a gap that has grown since Republicans’ failed repeat efforts. But many candidates focus on buzzwords like “preexisting conditions” rather than naming the contentious law itself. Media outlets take a look at advertisements and campaigns in races across the country.