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Latest California Healthline Stories

How Will We Pay For Long-Term Care?

As baby boomers grow old, demand for long-term care is expected to explode. But it is expensive, and the patchwork system that pays for it now won’t be sustainable for much longer. A debate about new ways to finance it is heating up.

Debating The New Ballot Measure To Control Prescription Drug Prices

The California Drug Price Relief Act would mandate that the state pay no more for prescription drugs than the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. David Gorn sat down with Rand Martin, Sacramento lobbyist for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which is sponsoring the ballot measure, and Kathy Fairbanks, campaign consultant for the committee opposing it.

What Does The Future Hold For Medi-Cal?

What will Medi-Cal look like 50 years from now? We asked health officials, policy experts and consumer advocates to predict what might happen to California’s program as Medicaid embarks on its second half century.

How Should Drug Take-Back Work?

We asked stakeholders, experts, consumer advocates and legislators how California state and local governments should create and pay for systems to properly dispose of old and unwanted prescription drugs.

Is the ‘Cadillac Tax’ a Good Idea?

Two years before it’s scheduled to kick in, the Affordable Care Act’s “Cadillac tax” on high-end health insurance is generating debate. We asked consumer advocates, employers, insurers and other stakeholders to weigh in.