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Profit Mining The Opioid Epidemic: How Treating A Crisis Is The ‘Hot’ New Investment Trend

Treating an opioid addiction can be extraordinarily expensive, and there are plenty of people interested getting in on the profits.

Orange County Register: Addiction Treatment: The New Gold Rush. ‘It’s Almost Chic’ 
Addiction treatment was a $21 billion business in 2003, and is expected to double to $42 billion by 2020 – a growth rate some three times faster than inflation, according to federal health and census data. With a raging opioid epidemic — overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999 — and mandated addiction treatment coverage under Obamacare, Wall Street knows there’s money to be made. (Sforza, 6/17)

In other news —

Los Angeles Times: California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra Announces Probe Of Drugmakers Over Epidemic Of Opioid Deaths
Citing an epidemic of opioid overdose deaths across the country, state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra said Friday that California is joining with more than 26 other states to investigate whether drugmakers have used illegal marketing and sales practices. Becerra said the probe would focus on whether drug manufacturers have played a role in creating or extending the opioid problem. (McGreevy, 6/16)

Los Angeles Times: L.A. Sheriff's Deputies To Carry Nasal Spray To Treat Opioid Overdose Victims
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will supply thousands of field deputies with the nasal anti-opioid spray naloxone to help prevent overdose-related deaths, officials announced Thursday. Next week, the department will begin issuing more than 1,200 single-dose spray dispensers — sold under the brand name Narcan — to field deputies in Santa Clarita, Crescenta Valley,and East Los Angeles, as well as to deputies patrolling community colleges and parks. (Bernhard, 6/15)

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