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Swab Test Allows Police To Determine If Drivers Are Under Influence Of Marijuana

The device was expected to roll out on Friday night. Meanwhile, the marijuana industry is gaining grounds in wine country.

Los Angeles Times: Police Are Using New Mouth-Swab Tests To Nab Drivers Under The Influence Of Marijuana And Other Drugs 
San Diego police have a new way to confirm the presence of marijuana and other drugs in impaired drivers — a mouth-swab device that is already being used by police departments in more than a dozen states and is expected to become more popular with the legalization of marijuana. The two Dräger DrugTest 5000 machines, which cost about $6,000 each, were donated by the San Diego Police Foundation last week. (Davis, 3/17)

The New York Times: Marijuana Industry Presses Ahead In California’s Wine Country
In the heart of Northern California’s wine country, a civil engineer turned marijuana entrepreneur is adding a new dimension to the art of matching fine wines with gourmet food: cannabis and wine pairing dinners. Sam Edwards, co-founder of the Sonoma Cannabis Company, charges diners $100 to $150 for a meal that experiments with everything from marijuana-leaf pesto sauce to sniffs of cannabis flowers paired with sips of a crisp Russian River chardonnay. (Fuller, 3/18)

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