Markian Hawryluk

Not So Fast Using CPAPs In Place Of Ventilators. They Could Spread Coronavirus.

U.S. pandemic planning envisioned the possibility of using CPAP machines for milder cases of COVID-19 when ventilators are in short supply. But evidence suggests that the machines, commonly used by people with sleep apnea, can aerosolize and possibly spread the virus. That leaves hospitals with few good alternatives if the demand for ventilators exceeds the supply.

No reemplazar ventiladores por máquinas CPAP, podrían propagar el coronavirus

El suministro limitado de ventiladores es una de las principales preocupaciones que enfrentan los hospitales mientras reciben más casos de COVID-19. En Italia, donde se han visto abrumados por pacientes con insuficiencia respiratoria, los médicos han tenido que tomar decisiones difíciles de vida o muerte sobre quién usa un respirador y quién no. En los […]

Colorado Forges Ahead On A New Model For Health Care While Nation Waits

Since gaining control of the House, Senate and governor’s office, Colorado Democrats are pushing an aggressive health care agenda. With measures to create a public insurance option, welcome drug importation, lower drug prices, curtail surprise billing and cap insulin copays, the state is becoming a likely model for health policies at the federal level.

High-Deductible Plans Jeopardize Financial Health Of Patients And Rural Hospitals

Small hospitals and patients in rural areas have been hit hard by the boom in high-deductible health plans. Often when a patient arrives at a rural hospital needing critical care, the person is stabilized and transferred to a larger facility. But bills from the first site of care generally get applied to the patient’s deductible. When patients can’t afford their deductible, the smaller hospital winds up eating the costs.

American Pot Is The Gold Standard. But Canada Leads The Export Game — For Now.

American marijuana has a reputation for being the best in the world. But the federal prohibition on marijuana makes shipments across state lines or overseas a pipe dream. While U.S. firms expect the restrictions to drop in the coming years, they are stuck operating within state borders. That’s left Canadian cannabis growers to dominate the export market, with U.S. firms falling further behind each year.