Rachel Bluth

Another Coronavirus Casualty: California’s Budget

Before the coronavirus hit, California was looking at a budget surplus of more than $5 billion and lawmakers were debating how to increase the size of government health programs. Now, the state faces a deficit, program cuts, high unemployment — and no significant investment in public health funding at a time when the state needs it the most.

Testing In California Still A Frustrating Patchwork Of Haves And Have-Nots

It’s hard to overstate how uneven access to critical coronavirus test kits remains in the nation’s largest state. Even as some Southern California counties are opening drive-thru sites to make testing available to any resident who wants it, a rural northern county is testing raw sewage to determine whether the coronavirus has infiltrated its communities.

Medicaid en el “ojo de la tormenta” por nuevos desempleados que buscan cobertura

Con más desempleados aplicando para seguro médico, Medicaid podría colapsar A medida que el coronavirus agita la economía y deja a millones de estadounidenses sin trabajo, Medicaid surge como el plan de salud obvio para muchos de los nuevos desempleados. Eso podría generar tensiones sin precedentes en este vital programa, según funcionarios estatales y analistas. […]

The High Cost Of Being Trump’s Enemy

The ongoing feud between President Donald Trump and California’s Democratic leaders is costing the Golden State hundreds of millions of health care dollars — with billions more at stake.