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Post-Surgical Patients Are Rarely The Ones Who Start Long-Term Opioid Use

Its more common for those who receive their first prescription for back pain or “other ill-defined conditions” to go on to use painkillers for six months or more, according to new research. Meanwhile, Sacramento and Orange counties respond to the drug crisis. And Capital Public Radio looks at telemedicine as a potential treatment tool.

Trump Poised To End Contraception Requirement For Employee Health Benefits

President Donald Trump is expected to issue a regulation allowing employers with religious objections to omit coverage for contraception from their workers’ insurance plans. In other Trump administration news: the Department of Health and Human Services names 14 people to its mental health panel; the cancellation of several payment reforms is complicating efforts by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to promote value-based care; and the National Parks Service lifts a ban on selling plastic water bottles in the parks.