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With Individual Mandate Scrapped, Employers Say ‘It’s Our Turn’

Employers have long-chafed at what they see as the onerous rules that came with the Affordable Care Act. But now that Congress has killed the individual mandate, employers say that their requirements should be the next to go. Meanwhile, becomes the first state to get approval to impose work requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries.

Democrats Go In Search Of Next ‘Big Idea’ On Health Care In Preparation For 2020

Tired of playing defense and looking to capitalize on Republicans’ fumbles, Democrats are encouraging people in the party to think big, with ideas ranging from single-payer, government-run care for all, to new insurance options anchored in popular programs like Medicare or Medicaid. In other news from Capitol Hill: medical research legislation, entitlement overhaul, and “right-to-try” bills.

Defying Dire Warnings And Expectations, Health Law Sign-Ups Nearly On Par With Last Year

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services say more than 8.8 million people have signed up in 39 states, which is a slight decrease from last year’s 9.2 million. Heading into the enrollment season many experts anticipated a steeper dip because the Trump administration slashed the outreach budget and cut the sign-up period in half.