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More Consumers Rolling Dice And Going With Bare Bones Plans As Substitute For ACA Coverage

Most people who are going with the fixed indemnity plans — which aren’t considered true insurance under the health law — are healthy and willing to bet they won’t be hit with high medical bills anytime soon. Meanwhile, Democrats on Capitol Hill have introduced a public option plan that, though it has almost no chance of passing at the moment, reinforces the party’s push toward more universal coverage.

California Leads Coalition Of States To Intervene In Texas Suit That Challenges Health Law

“It is a legally unsound action, and it is a dangerous action for millions of Americans who left the bad days of pre-existing conditions and the inability to get care for their children,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said of the Texas lawsuit that is challenging the constitutionality of the health law saying the mandate no longer counts as a tax.

Bipartisan Health Law Stabilization Measure Shut Out Of $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

In the early days of negotiations, there was hope that the legislation would make it into the final budget bill, but anti-abortion language became a deal-breaker for both sides. Lawmakers who worked on the package expressed their disappointment “that an opportunity to lower health insurance rates by up to 40 percent for working Americans has turned into a debate about the mechanics of funding for abortion coverage.” Outlets look at what else made it into the spending bill.