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Repeal No Longer The Slam Dunk It Used To Be In The House

It was believed that the Senate would be the chamber where efforts to dismantle the law faced the most challenges, but as Republicans become more divided on how to move forward with repeal, the House might be the problem child.

Bill Would Boost Funding For Valley Fever Vaccine Research

“Valley fever has been reported from almost every county in California, but 75 percent of cases have been found in people who live in the Central Valley and that is alarming,” Assemblyman Rudy Salas, D-Bakersfield, said.

Decrease In Teen Suicide Attempts Linked To Same-Sex Marriage Laws

In the year following any state’s adoption of marriage equality, rates of attempted suicide among such high schoolers in that state fell 14% below that group’s rate of suicide attempts in states that had not changed their policies on gay marriage.