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Americans Support ‘Medicare For All’ In Theory, But Support Plummets When Realities Of Paying For It Are Specified

A new poll finds that support for a single-payer health care system depends on how the question is framed. When people were told “Medicare for All” would guarantee health insurance as a right, support rose to 71 percent. But when taxes were brought up, it plunged to 37 percent. Meanwhile, as the 2020 gets into swing, progressives embrace calls for a “Medicare for All” plan.

On Capitol Hill: Medicare For All; Lowering Health Care Costs; And Maternal Mortality Rates

Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), the expected incoming House Ways and Means chairman, signaled his willingness to hold hearings on “Medicare for all,” a popular priority for many progressive lawmakers in the party. Elsewhere on Capitol Hill, health care costs are in the spotlight, as well as a bill aimed at reversing the country’s maternal mortality rates.

Despite Having Similar Or Higher Rates Of Health Insurance Coverage, LGBT Californians More Likely To Delay Care

“Unfortunately we don’t have the data to answer [why] directly,” said Susan Babey, one of the authors of the report. “But other research suggests that one possibility is that lesbian, gay and bisexual adults have experienced discrimination or not feeling welcome in health care settings in the past and so are avoiding repeating those kinds of experiences by delaying care even if they need to see a medical provider.”