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Proposed ‘Public Charge’ Policy Would Have Chilling Effect On Children Getting Health Care, California Medical Association Says

California Medical Association, which has 43,000 members, weighed in on the proposed policy from President Donald Trump that would penalize legal immigrants who are seeking green cards for receiving government aid such as Medicaid. “Discouraging participation in Medi-Cal (Medicaid) could result in coverage losses throughout California, decreased access to care, and worse health outcomes for entire families, including children, many of whom are U.S. citizens,” wrote Dr. David H. Aizuss, CMA president.

Small Drug Companies Closely Watching Supreme Court Case On Patents

A Swiss drugmaker is challenging a 2011 change to the law that no longer allows a company to patent an invention if it was for sale for more than a year before filing a patent application. Meanwhile, Congress also plans to focus on the issue of pharmaceutical patents and lawmakers continue to question the industry’s pricing decisions. And as Capitol Hill gears up for potential action on drug costs, there may be some lessons to be learned from China.

Drugmaker Actelion Agrees To Pay $360M To Settle Kickback Investigation

The Justice Department alleged that Actelion Pharmaceuticals violated federal law by using a foundation fund to funnel kickback payments aimed at inducing patients to buy its drugs. Actelion was bought by Johnson & Johnson in 2017, after the alleged actions took place, and admits no wrongdoing as part of the settlement. And in other pharma news: Walgreens’ new delivery service; an EpiPen alternative; and the FDA approves a new lung cancer treatment.

EPA Circulating Proposal To Limit Obama-Era Rule On Water Pollution

The Obama administration’s regulation was a target for rural landowners since it could have restricted how much pollution from chemical fertilizers and pesticides could seep into water. In other national news, the surgeon general acknowledges the need for changes in the classification of drugs, the Trump administration requests more funding for immigrant detention efforts and Maine’s outgoing governor loses another skirmish in his efforts to stop Medicaid expansion.