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Latest California Healthline Stories

Has the ACA Made Community Health Centers Unnecessary?

Many people view community health centers as a key source of health care for uninsured U.S. residents. With the expansion of health insurance and efforts to increase the number of primary care providers via the Affordable Care Act, are CHCs still needed?

ACA’s Home Care Pilot Shows Strong Results Out the Gate

Initial data show the Independence at Home Demonstration project has the potential to rein in spending, which some Affordable Care Act critics say has been missing from the law. Some industry experts are calling for the program to be implemented at the national level, while others say it might be too early to determine the program’s success and sustainability.

The Affordable Care Act’s Two Futures

Many observers believe the Affordable Care Act is on steadier footing, now that it’s survived two Supreme Court challenges. So what does the future hold for the law? How will it change? And what will it take for the law to be repealed?

If Not IPAB, Then What?

There’s bipartisan support for legislation that would eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, meaning that one of the few ways to limit Medicare spending growth could soon be gone. What other tools could control Medicare spending?