Heather Drost

New Year, New ACA Provisions, Court Cases and More

As the Affordable Care Act heads into its sixth year, employers are bracing for the full employer mandate and new reporting provisions, while the Obama administration prepares to go back to court. In this issue of “Road to Reform,” we look ahead to see what 2016 has to hold for health care.

Why Some ACA Exchanges Have Delayed Adult Dental Coverage

While the Affordable Care Act has outlined specific requirements for U.S. residents to have access to and purchase affordable, comprehensive health plans, dental coverage has largely been left in the outfield. As a result, exchanges have implemented adult dental coverage at varying times, resulting in dental coverage disparities across the U.S.

How Navigators Plan To Insure the Remaining Uninsured

With the Affordable Care Act’s third open enrollment period less than one month away, the latest batch of navigators are ramping up to help consumers sign up for health insurance. Website glitches and poor coordination previously hampered enrollment efforts, but the biggest challenge this time is much more fundamental: helping consumers understand the law.

The Next Big Battle Over Obamacare: Another Tax

As employers begin to consider future benefits packages, their attention is turned to the Affordable Care Act’s 40% tax on high-cost health plans. Advocates say the tax will help reduce health care costs by discouraging wasteful spending, while critics say the tax will unfairly raise out-of-pocket expenses for workers.

ACA’s Home Care Pilot Shows Strong Results Out the Gate

Initial data show the Independence at Home Demonstration project has the potential to rein in spending, which some Affordable Care Act critics say has been missing from the law. Some industry experts are calling for the program to be implemented at the national level, while others say it might be too early to determine the program’s success and sustainability.