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Is Expanded Medicaid Coverage Even Worth It?

Republicans in recent weeks have shifted their arguments against the Affordable Care Act, alleging that the Medicaid coverage is like not having coverage at all. Are the millions of people who have enrolled under the law’s Medicaid expansion getting inferior coverage?

Why States Using the Federal Exchange Are Unlikely To Run Their Own

Few states using the federal insurance exchange seem willing to establish their own marketplace. That’s even in light of a Supreme Court case that could nullify subsidies for consumers purchasing health insurance through, as well as cost such states billions of dollars in assistance and economic gains.

How the ACA Changed Taxes

One of the most-publicized tax effects of the Affordable Care Act involves subsidies that many U.S. residents received to help them purchase insurance. But that’s not the only change: Tucked within the thousands of pages that make up the ACA are a number of other tax implications.