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Texas Judge Strikes Down Federal Health Law

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor, ruling on a suit brought by opponents of the Affordable Care Act, says that the law was invalidated when Congress dropped the tax penalty for not having coverage. Advocates for the law say they will appeal the decision.

Health Law Sign-Ups Down 11% From Same Period Last Year

In the first five weeks of the enrollment period, 3.2 million Americans signed up for health insurance coverage through In the same period last year, 3.6 million enrolled. Enrollment on the federal exchanges close Dec. 15, while Covered California’s sign-up period runs through Jan. 15, 2019.

What Were Voters Thinking About When They Went To The Polls?

Exit polls indicate that health care was a top issue for Californians, as well as most other voters around the country. And Democrats’ ability to win back a majority of the U.S. House of Representatives is seen by many as a political reversal of fortunes for the Affordable Care Act.

Marching On A Health Care Platform, Pelosi Mobilizes A New Majority In The House

“When it comes to health care, all politics is personal,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said of her decision to focus on the issue. In many of the most hotly contested House districts in this year midterms, health care was cited as the top issue for many voters, and the issue most likely to come up in campaign ads.

California Makes Gains Insuring More Racial, Ethnic Groups Over Past Five Years

Analysts credit the improved coverage rates to the state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Latinos are the only group that still shows a significant disparity to other ethnic groups. And, now that the health law marketplaces are open for business, news outlets detail what’s different this year and offer consumers advice.